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DUI Accidents in California

No one can argue against the fact that driving under the influence of alcohol is reckless and dangerous behavior. Studies show that it takes no more than 2 - 4 drinks for the average person to become "buzzed" enough to inhibit their thinking and their reflexes so that they are incapable of operating a motor vehicle in a safe manner. Drunk drivers stray from their lanes, speed, ignore traffic signs and signals, and cause more car accident injuries every year due to their negligence.

Victims of such accidents should not hesitate to fight for compensation. Hire a San Bernardino personal injury attorney today to discuss your options and file a strong claim. A skilled lawyer will be able to investigate your accident and preserve evidence that the other driver was intoxicated at the time, which will establish liability and hold them accountable for your injuries and other damages. Wrongful death is quite common in drunk driving accidents, as well, and immediate family members of the deceased can file a claim to compensate for any loss of income, grief, and funeral expenses. The Law Offices of Vetchtein & Associates, a Professional Law Corporation, is experienced in DUI accident claim cases and can fight aggressively for a victim in need of compensation.

Fighting for the Compensation You Deserve

Call today or complete the firm's free online evaluation form to find out exactly what a lawyer can do to help you obtain fair compensation. Medical bills and other damages caused in such accidents can be ongoing. Your attorney from the firm will be able to take this into account and will fight for full compensation for all current and future damages. The firm is always prepared to fight and is skilled in negotiation on the client's terms. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible to learn more.

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