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Defining Catastrophic Injury

Many acts of negligence result in serious accidents, which may in turn result in catastrophic injury. In general, a catastrophic injury is one that causes lasting or permanent impairment, debilitation, or disfigurement. Some of the more common examples include brain and spinal injuries, which can limit a victim's mental capacity and/or mobility. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is caused by a sudden, harsh blow to the head, such as in a car accident or a slip and fall accident. The resulting bruising and swelling can cause damage to brain cells and result in dizziness, nausea, unconsciousness, memory loss, or a coma. Damage to the spinal cord can result in temporary or permanent paralysis and change their life in a drastic way.

Severe burns are another common form of catastrophic injury. If a burn is deep enough and/or spread over a large area, the scarring can affect their appearance. This may damage their self-esteem, affect their relationships, or even affect their health. Serious burns can result in permanent nerve damage and loss of feeling, vision loss, and restricted mobility. Any victim who incurs this form of injury will be required to receive immediate medical attention, likely spending a large sum of money for the initial procedures and following treatments. In various situations, victims may be required to undergo medical attention to some extent for the remainder of their life due to their injury.

Benefits of Taking Legal Action

One particular reason that victims of catastrophic injuries should pursue legal action is because of the long term affects that their injury can have not only on their enjoyment of life, but also their ability to maintain their current position of employment after the injury. For example, if a construction worker sustained permanent back injuries after a car accident, he would be prevented from returning to the job indefinitely. By choosing to take legal action, he may be able to recover compensation not only for his pain and suffering, medical bills and potential property damages, but also for the loss of income both presently and for the future. If you are looking for a catastrophic injury lawyer in San Bernardino, our firm is the place for you.

Retain an Attorney in San Bernardino

The sooner you retain a lawyer to recover your damages, the better your chances of success will be. The Law Offices of Vetchtein & Associates, a Professional Law Corporation, has the experience and skill you need to hold a person accountable for your damages. The medical bills and other expenses resulting from a catastrophic injury are extremely unaffordable and should be covered by insurance. An attorney from the firm will have the tenacity to take on the insurance companies and recover the full amount of your damages. Contact the firm today for more information.

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