Brain & Spinal Injuries

Catastrophic Injury to the Brain or Spine

Some of the most serious and dangerous of all personal injuries are brain and spinal injuries. When a person suffers a harsh blow to the head in a slip and fall accident, motorcycle accident, or other situation, the brain can bruise and swell. The resulting trauma and lack of oxygen to the brain can cause lasting or permanent damage. Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) include dizziness, nausea, disorientation, unconsciousness, memory loss, or a coma. Lasting consequences can include long-term or permanent memory loss, a lowered mental capacity, or a vegetative state.

Spinal cord injuries can be equally as debilitating. The spinal cord is the body's main system of nerves; therefore, when an accident victim's back is seriously injured, they could suffer nerve damage, loss of feeling, or loss of mobility. This can even take the form of temporary or permanent paralysis below the area of injury. All of these types of catastrophic injury are extremely expensive to treat, yet cannot be overlooked. That is why you need to hire a San Bernardino personal injury attorney right away if you've suffered a brain or spine injury.

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