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Injuries Caused by Negligent Manufacturing

Many personal injuries are the result of defective products. When a manufacturer fails to create or assemble a product, or when a vendor fails to inform the consumer of possible problems or dangers, a consumer has every right to file a claim for compensation after the product causes them injury. Common examples include faulty auto products that fail and cause car accidents, such as bad tires or brake failure. Home appliances can short out and cause fires and severe burns. Medications and prescription drugs can be improperly compounded, resulting in illness or internal injury. Even contaminated food can make an individual eligible for compensation. The key to obtaining this compensation, however, is to retain an experienced San Bernardino personal injury lawyer.

Manufacturers and vendors alike will do everything possible to deny liability. They will often use warranties as excuses, even when the malfunction was due to their gross negligence. A skilled lawyer will be able to gather evidence and present a strong case, establishing liability and holding the other party responsible for your damages. The Law Offices of Vetchtein & Associates, a Professional Law Corporation, is capable of taking on the multi-billion dollar companies and their insurance, so call today to set up an initial case evaluation.

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The firm's legal team has extensive experience in personal injury and has achieved success in all types of cases. Call at your earliest convenience to speak directly with an attorney and discuss what action can be taken to recover your damages. Injuries caused by defective products can be devastating and could leave a victim facing serious financial stress without fair compensation. The moment you contact the firm and retain an attorney, you will have the aggressive and determined representation that you need. Call today!

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