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Injured in a slip and fall accident?

There are many serious injuries that can take place in a slip and fall or trip and fall accident. When a slip & fall accident occurs on property owned by another, it is very possible that the owner or manager could be held liable and be forced to pay damages. While some of these accidents may only produce minor injuries, there are thousands of cases in which a slip and fall has led to catastrophic injuries, or even death. An apartment owner, or the owner of a retail space, for example, must ensure that the property is not dangerous for renters, customers, or other parties who visit the property. When a failure to protect the safety of others leads to conditions in which another person is injured, the owner can be held accountable in an insurance claim or lawsuit. If you have been injured on another's property due to some hazard, you should contact a personal injury attorney in San Bernardino for more information about how to proceed.

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Property owners may have failed to maintain or tend to the upkeep of their property. Broken walkways and stairs, holes in flooring, slippery surfaces due to liquids, inadequate lighting, equipment, trash, and other hazards are examples of how a simple stroll can result in someone falling and getting hurt. Slip and fall accidents can break bones, cause deep lacerations, brain & spinal injuries, and many other serious injuries. Some slip and fall accident injuries will require extensive medical treatment, with long term hospitalization. Sadly, some of these accident lead to permanent injuries. Any person suffering serious injuries in a slip and fall will potentially lose time from work, and may be unable to work for a long period of time, if ever. Lost wages, both now and estimated for the future will be calculated as part of the claim filed against the negligent property owner or manager.

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