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In California, all employers are required to have workers' compensation insurance. Theoretically, this means that any worker hurt while on the job has access to benefits to cover their medical expenses. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and too many injured workers are left with denied or inadequate benefits as they face mounting medical bills and other hardships.

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If you are facing difficulties with your workers' compensation claim, help is available. At The Law Offices of Vetchtein & Associates, we know what it takes to secure proper benefits for injured works. For years, our firm has been dedicated to helping injury victims from every walk of life, including those employees who have had their well-being jeopardized in service of an employer.

From helping you best prepare your initial claim, to aggressively navigating your appeal following a denial, our San Bernardino workers' compensation attorneys are ready to make your voice heard during this difficult time.

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When do you need a workers' compensation lawyer?

Ideally, legal representation isn't necessary to receive workers' compensation benefits. State law tries to make it is easy as possible for injured workers to receive the relief they need to get better. However, our workers' compensation system doesn't always work like this. In fact, it often faces resistance from employers or their workers' compensation providers who want to protect their bottom line. When this occurs, it is highly advisable that the claimant seek counsel to look out for their best interests.

Our team is ready to assist you when:

  • Your workers' compensation claim has been declined
  • Your claim does not provide enough coverage
  • Your claim benefits have been delayed
  • You have a permanent disability following your accident
  • Your boss retaliates against you following your claim
  • There are Social Security disability conflicts or complications

Our legal team also understands that most injured workers interested in benefits are dealing with the workers' comp process for the very first time. If you believe that you will face scrutiny or resistance, our team can ensure that your initial claim for benefits is as compelling as possible.

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